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Sainsburys Banking

Like most of the new breed of direct banking outlets, Sainsburys banking doesn't mean having a current account. Most people, at least while they're in credit, get free banking on the high street- and new players aren't interested in providing services which won't yield them any income. Therefore you can't get a bank account with Sainsburys. You can get a savings account- that's because you earn interest on your savings because the bank takes your money and invests it on your behalf- so they make a profit too. An ISA is also available.
There are four other key Sainsburys banking products. The first is a flexible mortgage- these are relatively new products in any case, giving the customer exceptional freedom to over or underpay on a mortgage commitment (plus up to 30,000 Nectar points- worth £150 each year).

For credit, there is a choice of four credit cards offering different rates and benefits- the rates are by no means the cheapest available, but then there is a free balance transfer period. Better value are Sainsburys loans which can be economical enough to hit the 6.9% APR that marks out the better value deals.

Home, travel, pet and car insurances are available; and whilst it's impossible to evaluate their value without knowing your specific circumstances; there are discounts on most policies if you have other Sainsburys products.

So, for borrowing and insurance purposes, plus possibly savings, you should compare Sainsburys banking (and other supermarket offers) with your usual bank.