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HFC Banking

HFC banking is not like banking with other high street banks, although with over 130 branches it does have a fair high street distribution. To begin with, you need to know that HFC is generally a "Direct" name- you'll find HFC online or over the phone. The branch network goes under the name of the Household Bank (indeed HFC is originally the Household Finance Corporation). All making sense yet?
And when you walk into a Household Bank branch, you won't find current accounts, or savings or pensions. HFC banking is about lending and only lending. If you need to borrow money, HFC is another alternative between your local high street bank, the companies you find in the back of newspapers, and online lenders. They claim to offer insurances too, but again, those are only policies to protect your debt with them.

Specifically, personal unsecured loans are available between £500 and £15,000; a flexible loan (an interest-based pot of cash where you borrow what you need when you need it) can be yours between £1000 and £5000, or there are homeowner loans for larger sums; which are of course secured against your property.

Very bizarrely, the same company owns another 90 branches under the different brand name "Beneficial Finance". The services on offer are almost exactly the same.