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Egg Internet Banking

As an internet-only bank, Egg internet banking is of course an essential; but since Egg doesn't offer current accounts, it doesn't quite work like ordinary internet banking. You can of course, see all your accounts. That includes credit cards, savings, mortgage etc.; and includes all the usual recent statement information you'd expect.
And then, you can do practically anything else to them; including making payments to accounts (e.g. paying off your egg card or loan), setting up regular payments (to say a loan or savings account) or withdrawing money from your savings account. Payments to and from your Egg accounts are managed using a financial address book, and you can add and edit accounts in that here too (just like most other internet banking services). Egg Pay, the great Egg internet banking innovation of money by email, can also be fully administered online.

Very large withdrawals, additional mortgage payments and payment holidays unfortunately need to be handled over the phone (even the nicest finance companies won't let you completely off the leash!)

Egg internet banking is in reality, very similar to other banks' operations. But somehow, maybe because it's tremendously reliable and easy to use, it seems so much better. Customers seem to agree too.