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Banking Articles

  • Bank - The high street isn’t necessarily the best place to put your money
  • Banking - How banking has changed in the past 20 years in your favour!
  • Bank Account - What to look for when selecting a bank account
  • Business Banking - What to look for when selecting a business bank account
  • Offshore Banking - The undoubted tax benefits of keeping your money in a foreign country; weighed against the regulatory downside.
  • Bank Loan - Where to go to get a fair deal on a bank loan
  • Internet Banking - Internet banking can save you time and travelling, but there’s a wide choice.
  • Private Banking - How private banking can make fairly rich people richer, and how to avoid the pitfalls.
  • International Banking - Defining international banking for personal and business banking customers.
  • Business Bank Account - Business banking costs you money- so get value in good rates and good advice.
  • Personal Banking - Why banking has changed in your favour, and being a customer can yield dividends.
  • Investment Bank - What to do when a savings account just isn’t enough for your spare cash!
  • UK Bank - If you’re looking for a new bank account, you’re already making a wise choice by bothering to hunt for deals in the first place.
  • Internet Bank - An analysis of the explosion in internet banking facilities in the UK.
  • Banking Service - Getting the best banking service for your needs is about establishing your own priorities before talking to the banks.
  • Open Bank Account - The application process when you open a bank account can be daunting, so here’s what to expect.
  • Internet Bank Account - Internet banks do offer great deals, but there are caveats to consider too.
  • Telephone Banking - Banking by phone is convenient, but you won’t get the same service you’d expect in a branch.
  • Investment Banking - Don’t let your spare cash, inheritance or lottery win sit in a current account going nowhere- put it to work to make more money.
  • Offshore Bank Account - Banking outside the UK banking system gives you the benefits of being in a low-tax regime, but the pitfalls of having no legal protections.